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Saturday, April 14, 2012

As an unemployed fatshion lover I was happy to see Evans Swan Collection by Clements Ribeiro. Just my thing! vintage styles in fun patterns but way too expensive for me even if I was earning a good wage.
I understand you are paying for the name but these are still just clothes. If I was a size 12 I could shop in Topshop and Primark and get lovely vintage inspired clothes for around £30. Being FAT we are made to pay more for clothes because we have to shop in specialist stores. I want to live in a world where shops like Topshop and Primark make larger sizes as standard. Up to size 32 should not be special it should be normal.
I have not been Evans biggest fan recently. As a fat person you would think finding a bra to fit me would be easy in Evans but you would be wrong! I cant get a bra to fit me in a specialist FAT shop! They sell 44H bras but their sizing is way off as it is half the size cup that my bust requires. Which I find very disturbing.  Their pricing is too expensive and most of their clothes have been pretty boring. Swan and the skater dress has saved Evans for me. Below are some of the fab new dresses they have and I would be very tempted to buy if I had the cash.

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  1. I know what you mean :( in Australia the plus size market is more or less dominated by City Chic- so they charge whatever they want. The USA City Chic online store is pretty much HALF PRICE compared to ours!!! It's infuriating!!!

    1. WOW that is terrible! Paying double the price for anything is really not fair and not justified! Do you have New Look in Australia? They seem to be everywhere. x

    2. siiiiiiigghhhh no, we don't have them either :( I do alot of online shopping lol ;) xx


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