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Thursday, November 24, 2016

I have made no bones about the fact that I hate wearing tights and this is why I choose leggings to wear with everything. This is only because in my 36 years on this planet I have never found a pair that fits, stays up, does not cause chaffing.

The Big Tights Company or The Big Bloomers Company as they are also called have been around for quite a while and I have been meaning to try their tights as I have heard only good things for other fat people about them. They had an offer on that each order came with a free pair on knee high socks so I thought now was the time to give it a try.

I ordered the Red All Woman 180D tights in size 22-32, a pair of seamless knickers in size 24-28 and bra top in size 38-44 B/DD.

My order arrived very quickly and first thing I tried was the bra top. I wear a size 42JJ bra and it is hard enough finding those to fit but wanted something to wear in the evening before bed or to bed for comfort. My breasts hang low and are very heavy and this top did not manage the job very well. the straps are very stretched and the band is loose. I have still worn it and will keep wearing it but be aware that this is more suited to breasts that have some lift already or are smaller.

Second thing I tried wear the pants. I have been after some new pants for a while. I all the ones I try are so wide at the leg that my belly hangs out or they roll down the front when I sit if sized down. I was really pleased with these seam free pants! I am a size 26/28 and the leg holes fit really well. The fit over my full belly and I had not rolling down or falling down. They actually felt so good on that it felt like I was not wearing any! Ok they are not the cutest underwear but if you want everyday comfort with great fit then these are the pants for you. I already ordered another 4 pairs.

The knee highs hare super stretchy and don't cut off circulation while staying up.

The tights were very odd looking as you can see for the photos below. When I took them out of the packet I did fear they would not fit my thighs but I should not have feared as they fit great and have lots of stretch. If anything the bum area is a bit big and the legs a little long. I am only 5'3'' and these are sized for 22-32. A shorter or smaller size would be worth making.

All in all I am really impressed with my items and they all wash really well too. I will be ordering more tights in black and blue and probably more pants too.

Warning fat woman in bra and tights!
You have been warned....

As you can see the tights have loads of stretch. They are very comfortable and I had no chafing of the thighs as the top area is thicker material. They bunch up a little at my ankles but nothing too bad and they did not fall down! 

Tights - Big Tights All Woman 180D size 22-32 £18.95
Bra - Elomi Plunge size 40JJ (with extender)

Pants - Big Tights Seemless knickers Standard Cut size 24-28 £7.95
Bra Top - Big Bloomers All Woman Pull On Bra size 38/44 B/DD £18.95 
Knee Highs - Big Bloomers Super Wide 120D £7.95

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  1. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Hi Lolly, Im from Australia and will now be trying to see if they will send the tights overseas to me... I have always dreaded the damn near artwork it takes to squish into a pair of stockings even and they usually dont last ling before they get ripped off in disgust - generally the first bathroom trip! These tights look so easy to get on and wear all day if need be... thanks for posting!

  2. I must have about 10 pairs those knickers now. I love them because they don't give me swamp crotch! ;)


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