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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

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Megan & Scott
Toronto, Canada

Where did you meet your Bride/Groom?

I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Scott is originally from St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA. We both live in Toronto now.
We met on OkCupid (a dating site) when he was doing his masters in Buffalo. The two cities are relatively close, about two and a half hours drive, and OkCupid kept suggesting the cross-border romance. We bonded over a mutual love of the tv show Clone High.  

When did you get married and where?

We got married in May 23rd, 2015 in Toronto.

What dress/suit size were you when you got married? (only answer if you want to)

I was probably around a US 20. I had my dress made to order/ custom made from Etsy, so I'm not 100% sure the exact size.

What was your experience of finding a dress/suit?

I had always planned to order online because it was significantly more affordable and it was easier to find something I was interested in.  It was a fairly easy experience.  I browsed around Etsy for someone with good reviews in my price range, and a dress that I loved (of course!).  I found one and made a few modifications, like making it tea-length.  The woman I ordered from lowered the price on the basis that a shortened dress  would use less fabric. When I gave her my measurements, she raised the price again because it would be more fabric.  So while I was definitely being charged a "fat tax", it seemed a little more justified if she was willing to lower the price too!  In the end, it was a wash and the dress was lovely!

Describe your day.

Our wedding was pretty small and casual.  We got ready and went to the ceremony together.  We said our vows in the gazebo of a downtown city park that is adjacent to a beautiful cathedral.   We took the streetcar to and from the ceremony, which made for some pretty amazing and unique pictures. Then we finished off with a brunch reception at a local art hotel, complete with board games and temporary tattoos.  We were definitely on a small budget, especially for getting married in the city.  But it was a fun challenge and I think it made our wedding that much more personal and unique.  My favourite part was how much we were able to be a part of our community, from riders on the streetcar congratulating us, to cheers from people watching the ceremony in the park.  We even had a few people crash our reception because of a local doors open event that the hotel was participating in.  All in all, it was a great and memorable day, which is all you can really ask for!

Anything else you want to add.

I think it's important to remember to have the wedding you want.  It doesn't matter what that looks like as long as it makes you happy. 

http://www.markusstaleyphotography.com/ was our photographer.  He was a ton of fun!  

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