Roses & Pockets

Monday, February 06, 2017

I am so pleased Scarlett & Jo have made more prints for this style dress as it is my Summer staple! Obviously it is nothing like Summer just now but that never stopped me wintering up a pretty dress. 

This print is just gorgeous! I love a flower print and I also love stripes and this dress combines both beautifully. I found the material slightly thinner than the others so a little see through in bright lights but nothing to worry about. You can always put a slip dress on under if you are really worried about it. 

Scarlett & Jo have managed to take my favourite style dress and make it even better! Now with POCKETS!!!!

These are the second pair of tights I have ordered from The Big Tights Company and I am really impressed! This pair is the 90denier size 22-32 and I find they fit my short legs better. They have lots of stretch all over and can be pulled up under the bust. As with all tights they slide down. This is just what tights do! I found wearing chub rub shorts or pants over them kept them up better. 

The top of the waist got very loose above the seam. This was a bit odd but means you don't have a tight band digging in or causing lines under outfits.

I love this dress with the tights but don't think I would wear them with these shoes again. This is what I love about styling outfits! Finding new and interesting ways to wear things and also finding things that you are not that keen on.

Earrings - Desperate Beatnik
Glasses - Vintage 

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  1. This dress is gorgeous! You look fabulous. xx


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