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Thursday, February 02, 2017

If you follow me on instagram (@lollylikes) you may have seen my issues with this skirt. I have ordered from Lindy Bop before and their largest size is a 26. Sadly I cannot squeeze my bust into their dresses. When I saw they were having a sale I headed over to the site so drool over all the pretty print dresses and found this skirt on sale in a size 26. I ordered it and when it arrived there was a huge brown stain on it and a large white sticker with an arrow pointing to the stain just to be sure I noticed it! I obviously returned the skirt and asked for a full refund including postage which they did no problem. It still cost me to return the skirt to them! No free returns.

I loved the skirt so figured I would order another one and hopefully it would be fine and fit like the previous one fit. The second skirt arrived and guess what! It had a stain on it too! You can imagine by now I am really annoyed! I did not want to pay for another return so decided to wash the skirt and hope that the stain came out. Thankfully it did and fits. It really has made me think twice about ordering from them again. Although I did notice a glasses print skirt new on the site and I am very tempted but grudge spending money on a brand that barely fits my fat body after my previous experiences.

Anyways this is a Scarlett & Jo dress worn under the skirt. I love the top of this dress and it goes great with the skirt. I think this is a perfect Valentine Month outfit with the red and cute Lipstick print and bag. Of course their had to be some glassesporn and why not hearts since it is February!

Dress as Top - Scarlett & Jo Sweetheart Bodycon size 24
(available in sizes 10-32)
Skirt - Lindy Bop Lipstick Skirt size 26
Shoes - Banned Dancing Days via Ebay 
(size up as they are small)
Glasses - Zenni
Bag - Ebay 
Earrings - Vintage 

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  1. I had the WORST service from lindybop, It took months and many emails to get my refund, also nobody answers the phones. I like the idea of the brand being something a bit different, fun and cute but tbh I would rather live in a bin liner for the rest of my life then deal with their "customer service" again. Absolutely dire

  2. Ugh, their customer service sucks and sizing issues abound with them too. I wish they'd get it together a bit. It is a gorgeous skirt though. xx


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