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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

*This was my entry for the Yours #betheblogger comp.

As a Body Positive person and blogger I think it is important to not only work with Brands that GET IT and work towards making the world a better place through positive body image and just making people feel great in the body they have. Clothes are a great way of making someone see their body in a new light and Yours is a Brand that did this for me. Making clothes I loved in my size! Seeing Tess Holliday in their stores on advertising was major!!!

It is so important that the plus community and Brands work together to show people that we are what PLUS looks like and that EVERY BODY is OK! This is another reason why I put myself forward for the Yours competition. It was open to EVERY Blogger. I am short, super fat and have a large bust and bum with no waist. My size 26/28 body is not what you see from most Plus Size Brands. This is why I blog and put my body out there to be seen and for others like me to see that their body is OK too.

Even now being the Rad Fat Bopo Badass that I am I can still say that I work every day to love my body and think the self/body love/acceptance is journey with no final destination. My choice in clothes may seem bold and brave but I still have a comfort zone. I tend wear belts and try to create a waist mostly to give me some shape.

With the Comfort Zone in mind I decided to try some new styles on a recent Yours Store visit.

I love polka dots so this top spoke to me but because of the style I would never usually go for it as my bust is too big for strapless bras and it has no shape. This is where I would add a belt. I tried on the Off The Shoulder Bardot Swing Top in size 26/28 which was actually a little big. I really liked the how loose is was around my middle and looks great with leggings. I think I would just wear a black bra with it and show the straps but I could totally see me rocking this in the Summer. It is now on my Wish List!

Second up is this Longline Knitted Jumper in size 26/28. I tend to not go for long jumpers that cover belly and bum as I look very round. As I recently learned round is as good a shape as any and I like this jumper so I am going to bloomin wear it! I have been heard to say "Don't wear clothes to hide your body, wear clothes because you like them!" I guess I am taking my own advice in this case!

Last but by no means least was this beauty of a Turtle Neck Swing Dress in size 26/28. Khaki is not a colour I would usually go for as I am usually all about prints also high neck is not something I own but don't really know why. Swing style dresses are a favourite of mine but I would almost always put a belt on to give me a shape. Leaving it loose is a new thing for me and I am really liking it. Also on my Wish List but could size down to a 24. I will say that I find Yours is very generously sized so if you are bigger than the label size try it anyway!

So there you have it! I went out of my Comfort Zone and nothing bad happened! I will be rocking these styles in future and I hope I have inspired you to take a step out of your Comfort Zone even if you didn't think you had one!

I Challenge you to try something new and take a photo and tag it on instagram/twitter/facebook etc using the hashtag #YoursComfortZone let us inspire others to expand their Comfort Zones because fashion is fun and you only live once!

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