Tria Laser - 1 year Review

Monday, January 09, 2017

Last November my Hubs surprised me with an early Christmas present in the form of a Tria Laser Hair Removal device. These are not cheap! it cost around £350 but you can get them on deal just now from £279!

The Tria is a permanent hair removal treatment. It works best on fair skin and dark hairs. Perfect for my Scottish ghost skin! I have PCOS and thyroid problems and have had excess facial hair since my late teens. My routine was plucking hundreds of hairs every day and it was getting to be too much and I was getting pains in my arms and hands from doing it daily. I knew laser was my only hope and planned to get it done at a salon eventually. 

I was so excited to start using the laser that I did not read the instruction and just jumped right in. You are supposed to only shave the area for 4 weeks before use so you have all the hairs to be blasted at once. I had been plucking as you will see I actually have more hair the second week because the plucked ones grew back. 

You are advised to use the laser once every 2 weeks but I started using it every week to get all the hairs I had plucked and have continued to use it weekly up until the 6th or 7th month when I felt the I didn't have as many hairs to laser.

There are different levels of strength and it is best to use the highest if you can take the sting. It stings from the laser heating up but it is only a small area so you should be able to stick with it. It is not as bad as a tattoo.

Hair grows in 3 cycles meaning you get 3 completely different crops of hair in a year. Every 4 months a new crop appears so wherever you are in your cycle you will see a regrowth of more hairs to laser. After a year you will have zapped all the hairs in the 3 cycles. Continued use of the laser after a year should get the left over or stubborn hairs. 

First Cycle

This is what I started with. Lots of dark thick hairs.

Here you can see where the plucked hairs have grown back.

Already starting so show patchy areas where hairs have been zapped

Less hairs

What a difference in only a month!

Hairs appear thinner and are growing slower

Easily see how much progress has been made in this cycle

Continued thinning and less hair growth

What a difference!

I have not shaved in a week to show the growth speed and how thin the hairs are.

Second Cycle

Increase in hairs as I enter the Second hair cycle although hairs are much thinner than previous cycles start and fewer.

Using laser once a week and seeing a slowing of hair growth

Hairs greatly reduced again and thinner

It seems to be the same stubborn areas but continued use should remove those hairs eventually.

My skin looks so much better now I am not plucking 100s of hairs

Third Cycle

The third cycle is much less than previous cycles.

The same stubborn hairs appear darker and thicker but it is the others that have thinned and lightened to make them appear so.

As with anything done by hand you will miss areas and you can top up on those areas when spotted.

First Cycle

Counting with the 4 month cycles I m back to my first cycle and have pretty much what I finished with in the cycle so can expect with continued use of the laser that these hairs will again reduce over the 4 months.

This is my progress for the year and I can honestly say it has been a life changer! If you have been thinking about getting laser treatment or an at home device then this really is the one for you if you are light skinned and have dark hairs. It can't be used on moles as the area is dark.

I will be using it on my underarms but have tested and it stings pretty bad so I will have to be brave!

I don't think I will use it on my legs as it is such a large area and hard to track where you have done and not done unless you do it all in one go which would take a while in one sitting.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions that I have not covered in this post then feel free to ask below or email me.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this. I got a Tria last year as I'm getting married this year and wanted to sort the facial hair. I don't think I've used it properly as I was so addicted to plucking, not a fan of shaving so I found it hard to commit. I haven't seen the results you have because of the plucking. I'm losing hope a bit with it and spent the full £350 :-(


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