Thursday, February 04, 2016

As you have noticed I love glasses and own a lot of pairs. I usually buy vintage or from the USA as I love the vintage Cateye style but I had a booklet through my door from Specsavers and was very pleasantly surprised at how many vintage inspired framed they had in store.

I booked an appointment to get my eyes tested as it had been about a year since my last and excitedly looked online to see what other frames were available. 

These are the Brands that you will find in Specsavers.

A new Collection that is available is this Twiggy range that has lots of colour and texture. The range is very pretty and oh so feminine. It is a range that will appeal to all ages and is not super expensive. There are always deals on so check them out too!

After having a series of eye tests by a lovely optician and getting some much needed advice on eye care as my eyes have been very itchy with the cold weather and use if indoor heating I headed down to try on all the glasses! I fell in love with a couple of Red or Dead frames but was told they were not in stock and no longer available to order. They are still on the website taunting me now!

After the disappointment I managed to find these little beauties. I had not heard of Max & Co before but I loved the shape and colour so they were a hit and I ordered them.

I was advised that they were a good size and shape for my face by the sales assistant and was told I could pick them up and have a fitting in a few days.

These are the lovely glasses I chose and I could not be happier with them. My experience has made me realise that I can shop on the high street for vintage style frames at a good price and that seeing and optician regularly is very important for good eye care.

Thank you to Specsavers at Crystal Peaks, Sheffield for taking care of my eyes.

This item was bought with a voucher gifted to me for review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love your glasses. I've always loved the vintage cat eye glasses although they don't look right on me. I have an oval face, but the upturned edges on glasses don't look right--I tried several pairs. Rectangular glasses look best on me. I wear my hair in short layers between a pixie and a bob. In the US, some companies offer health savings accounts where employees can set aside a specified amount pre tax that can be used for approved medical costs--doctor copays (some insurance plans don't pay 100% at the doctor or the ER, and most have a deductible--a certain amount that must be paid out of pocket before the insurance kicks in--very similar to the way our automobile insurance works) prescription costs, some drug store items--thermometers, blood pressure machines, glucose meters, and some pay for dental and eyeglasses/contacts. This year we got to the end of the year with a lot of money left over. So my dh and I splurged on more than one set of new glasses, and I went ahead and bought a year's worth of contacts.(either use the money or lose it if it's not spent by the new year) I found two pairs of eyeframes--rectangular matte tortoiseshell with green lining, and larger lens shiny black with cobalt blue lining (my signature colour). I also bought two pairs of prescription sunglasses. I decided on the original Rayban wayfarers with polarized lenses. (the originals have larger lenses--larger sunglasses are better protection against the sun--although I refuse to wear those huge glasses that make you look like a bug). The other pair I gravitated to immediately. The Rayban Jackie Ohhs--slight cat eye tortoiseshell frames with brown lenses--better for snow and late afternoons when polarized are too dark) I keep gravitating back to the tortoiseshell cateye frames. I think tortoiseshell looks so cool on us redheads.

    I love your blog and your style. I wish you continued success.
    -another curvy redhead


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