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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wedding Wednesday post where every Wednesday you get to find out a little more about the couples that shared their photos for the 105 Plus/Fat Bride/Groom Photos post HERE or the Youtube video HERE

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Wigan, England

Where did you meet your Groom to be?

We met online and went for our first date at Starbucks

When are you getting married and where?

We are getting married in November next year - we decided on a winter wedding as you're never guaranteed the weather in this country and it will all be in the same place. (Ceremony and reception)

What dress/suit size are you when you? (only answer if you want to)


What is your experience of finding a dress?

I took part in my big fat wedding so my first visit to a bridal shop was to the big day and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of dresses I could try there.

After that I visited an outlet place (wed2be) and thought the dresses on the hangers looks awful but they looked lovely on, then had a horrid experience at a shop I went to. I had messaged in advance and they said they stocked up to size 28 and had a good range. In reality it was far from that. The largest size was a 24 and I didn't even like it. Tried two dresses on (forced on and ended up with a rib injury. Was so upset and disheartened!

Then I went to two fantastic shops and fell in love with two completely different dresses (one at each) so left it a few weeks and went to a Callista event locally and tried on nearly all the dresses and found the one

Describe what you want your day to be like?

I want it to just be quite chilled and enjoyable I don't want anyone to be stressed out just enjoying our day with lots of booze, nice food and good company

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