The Curve Fashion Festival 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It was a busy day for me at The Curve Fashion Festival. I arrived and had to film my final shots for the Plus Size Bride Documentary I am part of that should be shown on C4 in November. Rosie is designing and making my dress and she had a stall at the Festival so was the perfect place to film us talking dresses.

I was also on the Scarlett & Jo Instagram takeover and I am the inspiration for the #lollidots Collection coming very soon so it only seemed right I wear Dots to the event and represent! I ordered it from Re/dress and is now sold out. My Popcorn bag got the most love and comments. It is a cheap ebay copy of a Kate Spade designer bag. I bought the bag to match my Popcorn Brooch. I am also rocking my new Bonlook #glassesporn.

There were so many stalls and Brands and I hardly had time to go round them all with al the hugs and greetings to people I don't get to see enough of. I also had quite a few of my followers come and say hello and get a selfie which was very lovely. I did manage to get my bum to the first catwalk show and these are some of my favourite looks.

 Asos Curve & Elvi

New Look & Boohoo 

So Fabulous & MissGuided 


There were some famous faces involved in the event. Tess Holliday, Nicolette Mason, Hayley Hasselhoff & Louise O'Riley all did signings and met with fans. Lisa Riley was there with her new Clothing Line Just Be You and did a Blogger photo with the ladies in her designs at the start of the event. Felicity Hayward, Gloria Shuri Henry and British Bloggers were also there. One of the best things in the shedule were the seminars are the end of the day. Sadly not as well attended as the catwalk shows.

I have been blogging for 4 years and have seen the start of all things plus size bloom into the community it is today. I have been to events and this was something different. I personally prefer the catwalk in the middle of a big room with stalls around the edge of the room. This event charged to view the catwalk so was a separate room. With rows it felt like being herded round but when open you can see more of everything going on. There was food and drinks available and seating. This is what has been missing from previous events. Being a plus event it would have been nice to have a local food place involved such as Home Sweet Home and their amazing cakes. 

Seating is very important for a long event and at a size 26/28 chairs with arms can be hit and miss. I was able to fit but that does not mean everyone could. Just something to keep in mind for next year. Having toilets and everything all on one level was brilliant. The biggest issue I and most people I spoke to had was with the catwalk models. Being a plus event you just have to look at your audience and see 99% of us are size 16+. We see smaller models every day and everywhere trying to sell us clothes and while the clothes look lovely on the models I can't picture them on myself. I want all sizes and shapes to be represented on the catwalk at an event aimed at plus size people. It is such and important thing and hopefully next year will feature a variety of sizes and shapes.

I just want to say thank you to The Curve Fashion Fest for taking on the challenge and doing so much right! I really look forward to next year! See you all there hopefully! 

next is all the selfies .....

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