Fat Manchester Weekend

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last weekend I headed to Manchester for a fabulous fat weekend that kicked off in Evans for a Blogger meet. Sadly the only one of the Bloggers advertised made it to the event. I have never been to the Evans in The Arndale before and it is a good sized shop with a great selection but being a shop for fat people it really is astonishing how hot the shop is! Walking onto the escalator you only have to go up a few feet and a wave of heat hits you like walking off a plane in Florida! This makes for an uncomfortable shopping experience and really does not entice people to want to try anything on. Please Evans for the sake of your customers and staff get this sorted out asap!!!!

Anyway we were greeted by the lovely staff and given drinks and gift bags. There was also a sweetie bar of pick and mix bits that we helped ourselves to. I wore an Evans dress to the event. It is lovely dress that thankfully was thin and did not shoe creases or sweat marks. I bought is in a size 22/24 as it was all that was available at the time and it fits my 26/28 body just fine. I like the yellow and print.

You can get a very similar dress HERE as this one in not on the website but is still in store.

VIP Area

Lovely displays and colour selections

So many boots and shoes. Also gorgeous selection of bags.

Daisy & Debs enjoying the refreshments

We decided to have a little fun and try on the same Scarlett & Jo dress.
You can buy the dress HERE

Debz showing of the Scarlett & Jo pretties

When we could take the heat any longer we headed to grab some dinner at InFamous Diner

Debs, Gemma & Lottie

Bubblegum Cocktails

Pulled Pork and apple toasted sandwich of dreams!

After food Debz and I made our way back to our hotel to rest up for The Curve Fashion Festival the next day....to be continued.....

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  1. Please, please, please check your spelling and punctuation before publishing. I thought this was your passion. It comes across as very lazy.

    1. Well hello Josh Arrowsmith. Thanks for your comment. The thing is I don't think it is my writing that you really have a problem with. Could it be fat? Lol


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