Vintage Polka

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I had followed Deena and her blog on instagram for a while and met her at the Tess & Yours Meet in Birmingham. Deena makes clothes to sell and also sells plus size vintage clothes on etsy from her store Beloved Endeavour. It was here that I spotted this dress and fell in love. 

It looks like something my Gran would have worn. The size was quite large but I figured with a belt it wouldn't look too big. To my surprise it fit perfectly and I still like it with a belt. I will be posting another blog featuring this dress but worn with a skirt and used as a top so look out of that one too.

If you have never ordered from etsy please don't be worried! It is super safe and I have bought things from there for years and never had any problems.

Dress - Beloved Endeavour etsy size 30 £15
Belt - Asos Curve Pack of 3 size 26/28 £10 
Leggings - Asos Curve pack of 2 size 22 £18
Boots - Yours Cowboy Boots 
Brooch - Asos
Glasses - Derek Cardigan Coastal

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  1. Prom Outfitters :
    This vintage polka really fit for fat girls. Looking so adorable. <3


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