Las Leopard

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monday it was my good friend Rebs aka @Sullenhearts birthday. We met at Meadowhall for drinks and food at Las Iguanas. It was my first time eating there and the food was great. The cocktails and dessert were even better! 

This is what I wore. Normally I would dress for summer when going to the mall but I was getting the train there so know I would be out in the cold and dressed warmer. 

I went with this thick knit & textured leopard print dress I got from Simply Be a while back. I love the lace collar and cuff detail and it is super cozy while still looking dressed up. It washed well too. No bobbling and lace looks just as good as before. It seems to be sold out in all but 22 & 24 on the website so grab it now if you can. 

Dress - Simply Be AX Paris dress size 26 £22.50
Leggings - Asos Curve size 22
Belt - Asos Curve size 26/28
Shoes - Clarks
Earrings - Charcoal Designs El Diablo 
Necklace - Betenoirejewellery Custom
Glasses - Vintage etsy

The Birthday Gang

Rebs & her Hubby Lee

Sarah & Rebs

Myself & Phillipa

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