Domino Valentine

Monday, January 26, 2015

Loving the monochrome items from Domino Dollhouse. These are not just for Halloween! Halloween is every day when you are a creep at heart. I would totally rock this jacket with these dresses and that clutch is to die for! So lovely to see Tess modelling for DD again.

Ouija Jacket $80 2x-4x

Optic Dress $45 xl-xxxl

Something sexy and vintage looking for the romantic in you. Love the lace down the back of this bed jacket but I would not just keep this for the bedroom. Kimono and the Gatsby look are perfection. 
Lola Bed Jacket in Burgundy $30 xl-xxxl

Gatsby Kimono $55 xxl-xxxl

Red hot and smokin! Every woman should have a red dress that makes tgem feel a million bucks!

Lana Dress in Red $55.95 14-28

Eye love this bag! 

Also my favourites from the Science/Visions Collection 

Cloak Cardigan in Onyx $140 1x-4x

Edge Top in Pewter $50 1x-4x

What Domino Dollhouse items are you lusting over? 

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  1. I bought the domino clutch, it is pretty great and has satisfied a need I had ever since Charlotte Olympia brought out their domino clutch a few years ago which I really wanted but was £600. So happy I have the affordable version now!


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