Winter Lady Date

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lady Dates are when a group or just two of us meet up for shopping, gossip and just a good old girly time. Ours usually happen at Meadowhall in Sheffield as it had a good selection of Plus Sized outlets and a Primark.

First stop for Lisa and I was Debenhams which is a shop I hardly ever buy anything from but always love to have a look around the Ben De Lisi homewear items. It must have been my lucky day since the lamp I had been lusting over a few months before was on sale for £20. Still more than I would like to pay for a lamp but decided to have it anyway.

This gorgeous telephone print dress was spotting in Marks & Spencer but sadly not plus sized.

These Gitter Jelly shoes from New Look had me captivated but at £20 I could not justify it as I am not someone who wears wedges and get blister easily so Jelly is probably not the best for my poor feet.

Inspired by the New Look Jelly shoes I figured £3 for Glitter Flip Flops was a good and cheap alternative that I can actually wear.

I also spotted this bag and couldn't leave Primark without it. At only £9 it was a bargain really.

Sneak peek of the skirt I will be blogging about tomorrow along with Lisa and Rachel.

Primark sell the best gift wrap ever and cheap!

Also grabbed some funky laces for my converse style shoes.

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