Feeling Like A Dainty Doll

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

After seeing this instagram photo of the beautiful and stylish De Hooch I had to find this tshirt! It is on ASOS in the regular section which made my heart sink a little but as it is "oversized" I figured I at least had to give it a try. I ordered the biggest size available which is an 18 and to my complete shock it was huge on me! Me the size 24/26!!! Why this item is not advertised in the Curve section is beyond me. Also check out THIS tshirt! Also this month is my Blogs 1st Birthday so look out for  some kind of celebration competition soon!

Tesco Leggings - size 22
Primark Boots - sale £10
New Look Hairband - old 

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  1. this shirt is so cute! it reminds me of something lazy oaf would put out. and those boots are perfect!!

  2. Wow, that is so cute and it'll go nicely with that bag Red Nose Day from Sainsbury's. x x

  3. Fab! It reminds me of stuff I wore in the 80's. You look great in it too xx

  4. Friggin adorable! I love it!

  5. Love it I can't believe that top is a 18 that's great I'm always weary of oversized but love this on you xx

  6. Awesome outfit! That shirt and those boots are amazing.

  7. SO CUTE! I'm gonna have to head over to ASOS right now. :D You look beautiful!


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