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Friday, March 29, 2013

I now there is still snow on the ground and it is freezing but I want it to be warm and sunny and so decided to do this post as a Summer outfit. The Skirt is from Primark in a size 20. It is a pull on skirt and although the material has no stretch there is lots of it and makes it very floaty. I am wearing the skirt as a dress with a little belt and it gives the same look at the hi-lo dresses that have been popping up alot. Teamed with my denim jacket, flip flops and basket bag I think this is an outfit I will be wearing a lot this summer.

Check out how my fellow Wild Cats Lisa & Rachel styled the same Primark skirt!

Dress - Primark size 20 £10
Jacket - New Look Inspire size 24 
Flip Lops - Primark £3
Belt - Matalan xl 
Necklace - Charcoal Designs Etsy
Headband - Primark
Bag - Birthday Gift from Bettie & Jen

I am wearing this Mac Lipstick which is from their Dame Edna Collection and I purchased it on ebay. It is called Kanga Rouge and is a lovely glossy bright red.

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  1. I love it as a dress it looks fab!! Xx

  2. It looks so great as a dress! I would never of thought to do that :) x

  3. See this is how I would wear it, for sure! Looks lovely on you! Specially without the jacket!

  4. Wow, totally amazed, never would have guessed that dress was a skirt. I love pieces that are versatile and can be worn different ways. You look fabulous.


  5. Wow this outfit is amazing! It looks so good as a dress. Whenever I try to style a skirt in to a dress, I always look awful! Love the name of the lipstick, too! x

  6. That dress is amaaaazing. Love it. x x

  7. Anonymous2:24 am

    I love this! That skirt looks amazing as a dress, I've never been able to pull that off but you look fab!

  8. I have worn a few skirts as dresses but find te maxi to be the best for it :) x

  9. I would never of thought of doing that, ive seen so many nice maxi skirts, but im such a short arse there always way too long....problem solved! Thank you xx


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