Sheffield Zine Fest

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am a bit late posting this but it needs to be done! Sheffield Zine Fest was a great day in a great venue with loads of great people. It was my first Zine event and I picked up a good few Zines that were new to me and have enjoyed reading.

The venue is Electric Works and is beside Sheffield Train Station. It was easy to get to as it is very central. You might not know this but I am a bit of a chair lover and this place was full of what I like to call Chair Porn!

It was my debut for Cake Queen my Cupcake venture for events. I spent 5 hours baking and decorating 72 cupcakes. Half of which were Vegan. I must add that the vegan cupcakes were amazing. they are moist like banana bread but not as heavy.

My stall consisted of cakes, handmade cards and envelopes & various brooches (cateye glasses, 3D glasses, domino, millennium falcons, animals & wooden biscuit brooches)

Above are my Victoria Sponge Butterfly, Mint Chocolate & Strawberry Cupcakes. All cupcakes cost £1 each.

Above are my Vegan Double Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle & Orange Chocolate Cupcakes. I only ate 3 and sold every other one!

This is THE SLIDE!!! I was super excited to be one of the many adults and children that took the lift ride up to slide down. I went twice! Lisa looking very excited to try out the Slide.

Off she slides!

I made a little video of me going down the slide the second time. You can see it HERE

Sadly I was not able to slide until I had packed away my table and near the end of the day and did not get any photos from the Zine room. It consisted of around 16 tables with sellers of Zines and crafts and was a brilliant event put on by Bettie & Chella. I look forward to the next one and hope some of you can join us.

Here is a link to a video interview with Bettie & Chella on the day and Here is the Sheffield Zine Fest website to keep informed on future events.

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  1. The video is hilarious! I want to go on a slide like that. Your cakes look amazing. x x


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