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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Rebecca arranged a shopping trip to Doncaster on Facebook and 8 lovely ladies showed up! I had never been to Doncaster before so it was a nice to see it had lots of places for Fats to shop and bigger and better stores than in Sheffield. We got the train to Doncaster for £8.30 which was a day return ticket. The train station has access to the shopping mall. We went to Simply Be first and tried on lots of outfits and ended up most of us leaving with the same dress! (more of Simply Be and the dress to come)

Lisa got a little make-over in Debenhams and came away with a few beauty items. Doesn't she look pretty!

There was a very tired looking Evans store which was large but didn't stock Clements Ribeiro and looked very old lady and not in a good way!

Yours was large and had lots of stock but was a bit dark and dingy looking. The staff were friendly though and there was a young girl working there who looked like an Andy Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe! Just stunning! I tried on a few things and a couple of bras but didn't leave with anything.

I didnt remember to get a photo of everyone together so above are Steph and Beth and below are Lisa, Rebecca, Becky, Lisa & Rachel.

I spent most money in Lush. I bought the Silky Powder on Rebeccas recommendation. A bath bomb because I love them. I also got a shower bomb with can be used in the bath but I mostly shower so thought this was a great alternative. I also got a massage bar heart. I have had a few of their massage bars and find them great for feet and elbows as an intense moisturizer and this one has glitter in it so will be used on everywhere for a bit of sparkle.

 Boots had these cute Hello Kitty lipsticks on offer from £4.99 to £1.99 and I am in love with glitter nail varnish at the moment so couldn't resist this silver and blue sparkle polish by NYC.

 Becky and Rachel spotted these cute pink snow globe effect frames in a charity shop and knowing my love of Lego figured I would be interested. Of course I snapped them up of 99p! I love Charity shops!

Primark is a staple on any shopping trip for me. I got a couple of pairs of leggings for £3 each which do have a rather tight waist band but I can squeeze into. A rather cool necklace for £2 in the sale and Foxy socks. 5 pairs for £2.50 is a bargain.

The New Look is large and has a large Inspire section. There was lots of sale items and we all tried on loads of stuff and I had a gift card from Christmas so bought the bird print dress that I had previously bought and returned. I got it in a size 26 and for £9 I won't worry if fades a bit in the wash. I also got these cute tartan pumps for £3.

After shopping til we almost dropped we found a place to eat and had a meal and good long chat and giggle before Beth and Steph got their trains home and the rest of us went to bar for a drink and then also headed for trains and buses.

It was so great that so many ladies came and especially Becky who traveled up from Bath. It was awesome meeting her and hopefully she will visit us again soon. We plan to have more Shopping days in Sheffield and Doncaster and everyone is welcome! We are a friendly bunch really :)

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  1. Aww, a shopping trip with girls, sounds like SO much fun!

    Love those tartan flats!

  2. Had a great day love you all xx

  3. I really wish I could of come, looks like you had an amazing day! Hopefully I'll make the next one but I'm defintiely coming to the swap thats for sure :)

  4. Oh, wow, looks like you had a fabulous time! Such a good idea too, all my friends are tiny, so when we go shopping it can be a little awkward for me, though I tend to just shop for accessories.

  5. I am soooooo jealous!! I'd love to go on a shopping trip with you fabulous ladies!! Xxx

  6. It looks like you had oodles of fun! I love those tartan shoes. Adorable! xx

  7. Aw it sounded like such a fun shopping trip! Love the dress and shoes. I haven't been on a fun girlie shopping trip in so long now.

    The nearest Evans to me is also very Granny like, apparently because that's their market in that town, and New Look Inspire has just been removed from my nearest New Look! It's crap!

  8. God, I wish there was a Primark here in the US!

  9. Aaaah just readin this makes me all giddy again! SO MUCH FUN!


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