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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I saw Becky of Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat post the other day about a little thing to do with your partner to have special things to do each month of the year. You can see the post HERE. The idea is you make a list of 12 things you both want to do that you wouldn't normally do but can afford to do like little day trips and such. You can do this if you are single too. Its just a little push to get you doing some interesting things in 2013.

I got the boyfriend to write down some ideas and he was into it so we came up with out 12 ideas. white them all out on bits of paper and jumble them up. We then chose one and it was assigned to January and the second to February and so on and so on.

Our choices being:

Visit a comedy club
Visit Cleethorpes
Go to Cadbury Land (my idea)
Go to a Steelers game
Go to the cinema
Go to Chatsworth House & take a picnic
Visit Matlock
Visit Sherwood Forrest
Have a meal in town
Go Urban Exploring
Go to Mother Shiptons Cave
Visit Robin Hoods Bay

I then wrote each one on the Calendar to is assigned month so we know which one we are doing on which particular month. I loved this idea as you are not stuck to a set day so if the weather sucks you one weekend you can go another weekend.

I shall blog about each outing as it happens so we have to stick to it and do each one on the month it is written. Wish us luck! Have a go yourself! It could be fun! 

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  1. It's a brill idea and I hope you have loads of fun on your outings. x x

  2. Cute idea. Me and Jen are always going on dates. I like museum dates when we're skint. :)

  3. Cadburyland is amazing, I went the summer before last. You get free chocolate :D x


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