Plus Sized Clothes Swap #4

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday was the 4th Clothes Swap by the Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective Facebook group (join to keep up to date with future events) and the first by Rebecca and myself at the helm. Since I was technically working I did not get many photos but the lovely Rebecca Northcott did!

Firstly I want to thank Rebecca my Co-Host for being a great girl and being the leader in this adventure. Also I have to thank Charlie for the brilliant poster design and flyer for the event.
Then all the fabulous ladies who helped set up, took turns on the door and clear up. Bettie and Jen for bringing the Zine Distro and some awesome items (to be seen later) Everyone who came and donated items and took items home! You are what makes the Swap work and I hope everyone went home happy with some items they found.

A special thank you to Chloe of Lifes Big Canvas for an amazing 25% discount voucher for everyone who attended and also The Marvellous Tearoom in Birds Yard who also donated a voucher!

This post is pic heavy and includes pictures from Rebecca Northcott who blogged about the event HERE so go check out her post and Bettie from her Instagram. If you were at the event please leave a comment and tell me what you thought or got. Also if you have blogged about the event please comment and leave a link so others can see!

Now the pictures ......

I made cupcakes

My big bags for the swap

Clothes clothes and more clothes

Setting up Lisa, Bettie & Rachel

Cupcakes and Bon Bons

Co-Host Rebecca

Bettie & Jen with Zine Nirvana the "Backpack Zine Distro"

My purchases!

In full swing

Having a quick rake

Beth with one of my cupcakes

Beth & Rachel

After the Swap we went to see Chloe and her shop and Birds Yard at last! Wants from her shop!

Purchases with voucher. Jen named my Frenchie Percy :)

Some of the ladies went for a meal after the Swap. What a beautiful sight.

Thank you Rebecca Northcott for the photos! More HERE!

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  1. I had a proper amazing time ! It was so much fun and I got lots if amazing things my post will be up tomorrow at 9 xx

  2. I had an awesome day! Zines and clothes <3

  3. Wish I'd been able to got to this, but I was swamped with college work. Hopefully they'll be a number 5!

  4. I am so jealous! I see polka dots :/

  5. I had a fab day and love everything i picked up. I also got some Zines which i've wanted for a while.

    Thank you for organising it and i'm looking forward to the next outting x

  6. We are planning one in Sheffield with a Zine Fair and cupcake stall :) x


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