Halloween Yet?

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Is it Halloween yet? Halloween is every day for me. I felt like being a creep so went for this black velvet midi bodycon by Scarlett & Jo. This is the third one of these I have reviewed as I have all the colour options and love them all!

I kept it spooky with my Glow In The Dark Fright Board glasses from Lindsay Lowe Eyewear. These are perfect for any Halloween lover. My Happy Halloween necklace and Spider Wed Brooch at the waist are a great touch and the shoes finish off the look perfectly.

Fashion should be fun and I love to go a but dark sometimes. I look like I could be from an episode of Buffy and that is no bad thing!

Dress - Scarlett & Jo Velvet Midi Bodycon dress in Black size 26 £50
Also available size 14-32 / Royal Red / Midnight
Shoes - Next sale
Necklace - Charcoal Designs
Earrings - Desperate Beatnik
Brooch - ebay

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