105 Plus/Fat Bride/Groom - Meet Natasha & Eric

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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Natasha & Eric
Montreal, Canada 

Where did you meet your Bride/Groom?

We met in high school, then both moved away and 28 years later met again. 

When did you get married and where?

We got married in St-Adolph d'Howard on August 23rd 2014 at a tiny cottage we rented by a lake.

What dress/suit size were you when you got married? (only answer if you want to)

I was/am a size 18

What was your experience of finding a dress/suit?

I knew (having done the dress shopping at a bridal place) that I did not want to go that way. I bought a ''made in china'' dress off etsy,   and made sure I got it early in case I needed to make alterations. It cost me as much in alteration as the dress cost, still a steal at under 300$. I died the dress blue after the wedding so I can wear it again.
Eric bought his vintage 70's teddy boy suit off ebay, it belonged to a Teddy boy from Manchester. It was awesome that it already had a story to it before we added ours to it.

Describe your day.

Our day was awesome, we woke up by the lake, did last minute stuff. Eric took the kayak out and picked some water lilies for decorations. 
A big chunk of the wedding party was stuck in traffic driving up from Montreal (st-Adolphe is 1.5 hours away), so it gave us time to sit with guest in our housecoats and chat, and for me and Eric to take the time to absorb the day and what was going to happen.
Then when everyone arrived I threw on my dress and veil and walked down the isles to the Detroit Cobras it's my delight. 

Our Taxidermy mouse was our ring bearer and our deer head was there as backdrop wearing pearls of course. My mom married us, she had gotten ordained for the day. 
Then we proceeded to party and eat till the stars came out and I passed out from too much prosecco. It was awesome, we had just 18 guest and the whole wedding including 2 week cottage rental cost less than $4000!

Anything else you want to add.

This wedding an it's simplicity was very much us, touches of our personalities where everywhere. Vintage cameras for guest to take pictures with, plates with famous couple (sid&nancy, lux and poison ivy) taxidermy, wild flowers. 

We go back every year to the cabin, the glitter is still visible in grass.

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