Brace Yourself

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something we should all try once in a while! Braces are something new for me and I am not 100% comfortable with them yet but I will persevere. These actually belonged to my late Grandad who was the smartest dresser I have ever known. He wore a suit everyday and never owned a pair of jeans or trainers. 

When I was home to Edinburgh a month ago I went to Aberdeen to visit my Gran and was looking through my Grandads wardrobe. I was told I could take what I wanted so I picked a few pretty ties and a bunch of his braces. Also some shirts that I figured I could make into pillow cases or something else. 

So this look is an ode to my Grandad the King of the pinstripe suit. The skirt is quite new and from ASOS Curve. I love Asos midi skirts but the box pleat on this I could have done without. I wish they would do more midi skirts in the stretch fabric with prints.

I wore this to go to my Hubs dads surprise 60th party and felt fab! I am in full Halloween mode as TKMaxx has started to get in things and I am obsessed. Halloween is a lifestyle and we are a Halloween house all year round.

Taking outfit pics again has been fun and the main reason is I have joined up with some other fabulous bloggers to bring my friend The Em Edits brilliant idea to life! We have a series of intagram pages that relate to different sizes of plus for 16-30+ with a main page called @yoursizeyourstyle. I am curator of the size 28 page so be sure to give us a follow and please submit your photos by using the hashtag #size28style or any size that applies to you. You can also DM us if your page is private as we will not see your tags. Get involved and share your style with other people your size and get inspired too! 

Top - Scarlett & Jo old
Skirt - Asos Curve Midi size 24 £20
Braces - My Grandads
Earrings - Sugar & Vice
Necklace - Ebay
Glasses - Etsy
Shoes - Clarks

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