Beth Ditto - Her Name Was Lola

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This is the last of my Beth Ditto reviews and just in time foot the final blowout sale on the website. You can see my other reviews HERE. Beth is focusing on music just now with her new album Fake Sugar and World Tour so grab a pretty before everything sells out!

This is the Lola Lips dress from the first collection. I am wearing a size 26 (size 26 & 28 still available) and it is the right fit for me a UK size 26/28. I need it for the bust. The material like the skirt version is a double layer thick stretchy material with thin stretchy under layer. This is a not really a Summer dress because of how thick it is. It has this lovely crossover neck and short sleeves that fit well. This dress also has the famous giant pockets that this bag could fit in!

I love this length on me but I am a shortie 5'3'' so it would be shorter on taller people. I think the dresses are my favourite bits from both collections. I am a dress lover anyway but the prints, fit and shapes just really speak to me. I really hope that Beth comes back next year with a Collection of equally as awesome pieces or better if that is possible!

Thank you Beth for making load and interesting clothing for fat bodies like mine and for letting me review some of them here! My fashion game is stronger because of you!

Sunglasses - ebay
Earrings - ebay
Bag - ebay
Shoes - Hush Puppies

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