Pirate Rock

Monday, May 08, 2017

I saw this jacket in a post by The Curve Fashion Festival on Instagram and was shocked and over the moon to discover it was plus size! I had a black New Look Biker a few years ago but I am not into lots of black so have had an eye out for something colourful I could rock.

Of course I headed straight over to the New Look website and found this stunning red version along with a green, yellow, pink and a silver version! It was hard to choose which one to purchase. I ordered the size 26 and also this tshirt and kept my fingers crossed that they would fit.

The jacket is slightly small to zip up but I would probably never wear it closed anyway and I think a bigger size would be too big on the shoulders and long in the sleeves. This is slightly too long in the sleeves but I could easily stitch them up if it bothers me too much. I love the red but still have my eye on the silver version!

This look is inspired by my friend Chattermonkey from instagram. She mentioned she wanted to get the yellow version but had not seen it on anyone fat. She had seen a slim person wearing one with a band tshirt and striped trousers which then gave me the idea for the striped skirt. I had been thinking about what to wear the tshirt with and actually really love this look. I call it Pirate Rock! with added Cowboy boots just to confuse people!

Skirt - Asos Curve Midi size 26 old
Boots - Yours Clothing old
Bag - Fashion World Gift
Earrings - Desperate Beatnik
Glasses - Ebay
Brooch - Jesiiii etsy

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