The Velvet Touch

Monday, March 07, 2016

I have been wanting to do a shoot with the beautiful and talented Velvet D'Amour for many years. She is known for many talents but I first saw her model for Jean Paul Gaultier on the catwalk while strutting her stuff in this iconic image that is ingrained in my memory for how stunning she is! 

Her photography is beautiful and body positive. In her magazine Volup2 you will see all ages, size, shapes of people. I have been a fan of her work for some time and always said I would love to shoot with her and feature in her after seeing her work.

Volup2 is an amazing magazine that you can view HERE. I stopped buying magazines a long time ago when I realised there was nothing in them for me as a fat woman. If they are not shaming fat woman with beach body diets they are showing unflattering photos of celebs before and after dieting and praising how good they look now. I don't buy into that any more. 

Volup2 is the first magazine I saw that shows woman like me and interesting bodies that you do not see in mainsteam media. I want to see every body represented in all media and Velvet is working her ass off to make Volup2 a place for every body which is why I love it so much.

Velvet usually does shoots in London and I have had commitments or just no money at the time so when it was announced she would be shooting in Manchester I jumped at the chance! 

I made my way to Manchester from Sheffield on a very cold snowy day with a suitcase stuffed with beautiful outfits, glasses and wigs to shoot. 

My slot was 3-4pm for hair and make up by Rachel Williamson. I had provided some photos of hair and make up I likes and she worked her magic and transformed me into a Glitter 50's Pin Up/Lucy of I love Lucy which I loved and now need to learn how to do it myself! I did not take any photos of myself on the day so we will just have to wait for the official photos. These are my inspiration photos for makeup and hair.

Velvet is larger than life in every awesome way. She instantly makes everyone feel at ease with her funny and down to earth personality. If you have thought about doing a shoot with Velvet but have been worried about meeting a stranger please don't! Velvet and Rachel are just lovely souls and you will feel like you are with old friends. 

I will share my photos from the shoot as soon as I get them! 

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