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Monday, April 06, 2015

I have decided to do more of these posts as people have commented that they like them and I like trying on pretty clothes so it is a win/win really! 

Having a very large bust I found the cut out looked a little odd on me but I love the colour. Size 26/28 and was a good fit. £26 Link

I am not usually one for pink but this was just so vibrant and screamed summer! Wearing size 26/28 and it was very large. Could easily size down to the 24. £26 Link

I tried this because I have never been a high low lover and wanted to see what it looked like on me. This top is super oversized! I am wearing a size 20. As I thought it was like a tent and not me at all. It comes in so many nice colours though! £16 Link

This is scuba dress and I love the Poppy print and black block at the bottom. I am wearing a 24 but could do with sizing up to fit my bust better and not stretch out the print. £35 Link

I wanted to try these but couldn't see them in the Meadowhall store. Love the colours.
Red Floral dress £30 Link
Coral Pleated dress £28 Link

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  1. I definitely like these type of posts. I especially like the royal blue dress, I'd have never really considered it on the site, but it looks good on you.

  2. I love these posts. I love seeing dresses on real ladies instead of models. I'm glas im not alone in the not likeing Hi/low things.. they look odd on me all the time.

  3. I love these posts too! I like seeing them on real girlies and not models! I'm not a tall, size 18, I'm a short size 28/30!

    I'm LOVING the pink dress and I must buy it for my hols!! x

  4. Ooh i like the neckline on that first one xx

  5. Ooh i like the neckline on that first one xx


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