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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Today I got to try on the beautiful Scarlett & Jo dresses in Evans! My favourites from the current collection. I loved this Red Rose Print Prom dress when I saw it on the beautiful Elena of FrivolousMrsD for whom it was designed for. The colour, cut and print are just perfect for me! I am wearing the 28 and need it for my bust. The fabric has no stretch but the sleeves do. I think this may be my favourite of all the Scarlett & Jo designs. 

Next on was the Black Mesh Insert dress. I am wearing a 26 and it fits well. The top is a very stretchy fabric with a thick elastic belt section. I found the belt too wide and it rolled over. The skirt is beautiful and a non stretch fabric with mesh section to give it shape. This dress is very comfortable and love the print and colours. 

I was taken with the 80s Art Print top. I don't like the top itself. It sits funny on my bust and the under layer is smaller than the top and clings. I would love this print in a different style as it does come as a blouse but as it is non stretch buttons are a no go for my bust and belly. I couldn't find this top on the website. 

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  1. I thought the 80s print top had hamburgers on it... I was like yay. But, no. 😔 I like the second dress on you best. Btw, who drew your pictures of you in your header? They are super cute.

    1. Now that would be awesome!!! The artwork is by a lovely lady on instagram called @radfatvegan :)


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