Plus North 2014 - Saturday Night

Monday, September 08, 2014

This is my Plus North evening outfit recreated as the lighting was not that great for photos at the venue or my phone was just being rubbish. I got this dress after Christmas in the Simply Be sale and this was its first outing! I knew I wanted to keep it for something special and Plus North is VERY SPECIAL!!! I was given this AMAZING necklace by FollowRayOnline. They have an incredible range of sparkle and bling necklaces! Another Post to follow just about these necklaces! I chose this one because it has so many colours and would go with any other accessories I chose for an outfit. It is a true statement necklace and just what I wanted for this outfit.

These were my accessories for this outfit. I went with the pink but could have easily went with any other colour thanks to the necklace. I wore my iclickoptical glasses (Just enter iclick10lolly at checkout for a 10% discount!) and New Look donut clutch bag.

This is the necklace as described on the FollowRayOnline website.
My Top 10 picks post to follow!


Selfie time with Steph - SeeingSpots
With Abbie & the amazing blogger Leah - JustMeLeah

Getting comfy

Chloe making good use of her Elvi mug!

Medically proved height challenge!

Plus Size PinUp Ladies looking fabulous!








As you can see from my photos it was a super fun night! 
If you have never been to Plus North then you really need to come next year and join in!

Sunday Post to come!

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  1. Lovely photos! It was so good to see you again but I'm sorry we didn't get to talk more. I had such hideous period pain and was off my tits on codeine. :/ x x


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