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Monday, July 07, 2014

A bit late for 4th of July but my love for all things American never fades! I have spent quite a lot of time in Detroit mainly but have travelled about the East coast and would love to do the Route 66 adventure in the future. I also have a major love for tiny and oversized things so this dress screamed BUY ME! I especially love the dinosaur on it. This is one of 4 Modcloth dresses I own now and I have 3 different styles.

Out of all of them this style is the smallest over my bust. So much so I had to cut a little stitch that was holding the crossover together to make it fit! This is why I am wearing a vest under it to cover my bra from showing too much. I have bough all 4x and find it to be about a size 24/26. (measurements at bottom) Every dress I have from Modcloth has pockets which is a great bonus feature. They all also have a zip up the back which I have never used as I just slip them on over my head. Arm holes are on the large size and bra shows but they are wide enough shoulder straps to cover bar straps. The length of this is lovely and it has a black lining to puff it out a bit. I am short at a 5'3'' so keep that in mind when looking at the length.

I saw this cute bag and thought it went perfectly with the Route 66 theme. Love me some heart shaped glasses and these are cheapos from ebay.

Ok down to costs. It is worth buying in the sales and also buying more than one item as postage to the UK is around £20 and on top of that you could be charged import tax. Import tax for an order of around (£100 inc postage) can be £30 which includes an £8 post office charge. This is why I have pit off ordering from Modcloth for so long! Try doing a group order with friends and splitting the charges. Buying sale items offsets the charges.

Or you could comment with an unregistered (no account already on modcloth) email address and get $20 off until 17th July when you spend over $50! Think of it as free postage to UK or USA customers get actual money off their order!


(measurement guide - bust 25" across, waist 25", hips 33", length 47" from middle of shoulder)

Vest - Primark size 20 £3
Bag  - Aldo £20.99 in sale
Sunglasses - Ebay £3.50
Jewellery - Gifts/old

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  1. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Ooh! I've been waiting to see their items on someone close to my size. Very cool dress! My email: theplussideofme at gmail dot com

  2. Oh my goodness, this dress is adorable! I think the vest actually improves the look as the block of colour breaks up the pattern. Fab! x

  3. Beautiful as always, I'm going to USA in November and this dress would be great to wear there x

  4. It looks terrific!


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