I Heart Lolita

Monday, June 23, 2014

I came across Janine Basil and her amazing patch creations on instagram and fell in love with her glassesporn hair clips. You can also have them made as brooches. I ordered 3 of the 5 different glasses styles and they arrived like this wrapped so cute! These are no longer on her site but if you want them Janine is happy to make them for you so just ask.

I went for the Lolita Heart shape, X-Ray Spex and Dame Edna style

Franklin approved of the X-Ray Spex version

I have had this dress for a while and bought it when I was smaller just after having Franklin. Basically being house bound for 5 months since Franklin was on oxygen I have put on all the weight I lost and more! The dress is a bit tighter around my belly but I can still rock the VBO and do love the shape of this dress. Red accessories seem to be my thing just now which is fine by me!

Dress - Asos Curve Pencil dress size 26 £19
Hair clip - Janine Basil
Glasses - SpecsPost 
Brooch, bangle & shoes - New Look old

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  1. I love the dress and you look great in it, it's really flattering!

  2. I love Janine Basil! And these glasses clips are so you!!!

  3. Absolutely love your outfit! Looking gorgeous! :)


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