Getting my Betty Pamper On!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Okay people if you don't know Betty Pamper of Pamper & Curves then you are seriously missing out on something beyond awesome! Go check out her blog now! Well not right now. After you have finished reading this! 

Betty is a beautiful talent and amazing inspiring woman, wife and mother, hair and beauty expert and writer. Her husband Nicky Rockets is also a talented fella being a photographer and designer of the item featured below.

The Man behind The Betty has had a few tshirt designs and I really have no excuse as to why I am only now getting round to buying one. I ordered the newest design and was excited for it to arrive packaged with love and care with an extra little badge included!

Betty showing off her fab self and tshirt on her instagram bettypamper

How awesome is this design! I love logo tshirts with pinups and having one with such a gorgeous chubby lady on it who I have actually met in real life and is herself and awesome babe makes it even cooler in my opinion!

Crappy detail pictures as usual. I really need to sort out my camera or just learn how to use it! Anyways I wore the tshirt with my new ASOS Curve Skater skirt and New Look Watermelon clutch with red accessories for that extra pop.

I went for the xxxl and it is big enough for my size 26 and 44J body and bust. I got the round neck version and cut the neck bigger and the sleeves shorter. You can buy a version which has already been cut if you don't trust yourself with scissors!

Broke out the Charcoal Designs Cherry necklace for this pinup inspired outfit.

Get your hands on this outfit - 

Tshirt - Betty Pamper tshirt size xxxl £15
Skirt - Asos Curve Skater size 26 £22
Belt - Asos Curve similar available
Necklace - Charcoal Designs 
Bag - New Look sold out
Shoes, other jewellery - old

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  1. You look fabulous! Love the shirt! <3

  2. Gosh... I love this cute little watermelon clutch you keep showing. And also like the Betty Pamper shirt of course... :-)


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