Sheffield Plus Size Clothes Swap #2

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The second Sheffield Plus Size Clothes Swap came and went and I just realised I didn't blog about it! So here are my photos incase you didn't see them on my instagram. We had Zines, Cupcakes and clothes clothes clothes! It was not a good turn out but everyone went home happy with some great finds. These things only work if people come to them so please think about coming to the next one in Leeds and future ones in Sheffield. Not only do you get free clothes but you meet lots of fabulous people and if you stick around until the end we usually go for a meal after.

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  1. There wasn't a huge turnout in Nottingham last time. A little better this time but not as big as the first one. Weird! We all went home happy with what we had though and a friend picked up a handmade wedding dress too!

  2. I've never heard of these! Will keep an eye out for a local one (Nottingham) but could probably manage Sheffield too.

    1. :)

    2. Thanks Pookledo!!! Also twitter @plusswapnotts :D x

  3. I hope to be at the next swaps up north, Jan/Feb hasn't been kind to me otherwise I would have been present.


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