Red & Green Should Never Be Seen

Friday, February 28, 2014

An old saying that is bollocks! If Red & Green were good enough for Santa then it is good enough for me! I got this dress from Asda for £10. I love leopard print anyway and the green was a bit different. it is one of those fabrics that when stretched it goes white but this is a size 18 and it actually a bit large! Long in length and in the sleeves but hay it was TEN pounds!

Also check out my new spectacles! Polka dots god damn it! Ain't they just the cutest! One of two pair I got from Zenni Optical. I will be doing a proper post about them soon. My awesome Charcoal Designs Cherry necklace and the best of all my boy Franklin in a Christmas Onesie that totally goes with this outfit!

Dress - Asda George size 18 £10
Leggings - Primark size 20 £3
Shoes - Asos Brogues
Necklace - Charcoal Designs
Glasses - Zenni Optical

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  1. Love those glasses and nothing nicer then seeing a mother holding a baby - just gorgeous :)

  2. aww Franklin looks great, those glasses are amazing, damn I wish I use glasses xx


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