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Thursday, April 25, 2013

I remember seeing this dress in Evans years ago before I had the confidence to wear such an in your face item. I admired it but it was never an option to actually purchase. I then saw it on ebay a year ago but did not meet the reserve price so it went unsold. Then last month I saw the seller relist it with starting bid of 99p!!! I watched and bid last minute and won it for the bargain price of £16
 plus £3p&p. I was well chuffed to say the least. Then the wait for it to arrive and my dreams dashed with the size 24 not fitting my body but as you can see it is made for my fat body! it has a little stretch in it which makes it comfortable too. When I saw these glasses on ASOS I almost cried as they are stunning and as you probably know by now I am a complete glasses freak! I ordered the last pair but they have since restocked a small number.

Dress - Evans by way of ebay size 24 £16
Leggings - Evans Wet Look size 24
Shoes - New Look £3 in sale
Glasses - ASOS £18
Lipstick - Superdrug MUA - Shade 1 £1

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