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Friday, October 12, 2012

Being Scottish I am all about the Tartan or Plaid as Americans call it and this is a classic look that is a great go to item for those winter days when all you want is a cozy item to throw on. It is described as Red but is more Orange in colour which is not what I am looking for. 

I ordered a size 26 as I figured it would have no stretch and I would like a little room in it but sadly the 26 was too tight across the bust as you can see. It was not going to work. I do have a large bust but a New Look Inspire 26 usually always fits me with room.Be wary when ordering online I would say try on in store if possible.

I also purchased these lovely Tartan Converse type boots for next summer. A bargain at £6.99! The soles are just as good as real Converse which is usually not the case with most copies. 

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  1. I always find I have to size down with Inspire, but when it comes to shirts- this goes for pretty much every store, too- I need to size up one, two, or even three sizes. Crazy. I do like this one though, and the faux Converse are amazing. You should wear them now!!

  2. boobs are a problem with buttons for me from anywhere. I tend to avoid as bigger sizes means shoulders are too big but a tartan shirt can be as baggy as ever and I would still love it :)


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