Blue Hawaii

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

So as it is clearly winter this is my last summer post for a while. I thought I would make it a bright happy one. This outfit makes me smile because it is just pure Summer to me. I got the Skirt in the New Look sale for £6 and loved the colours. I have not got any skirts like this so thought it was a good thing to add to my growing wardrobe. I got the vest in Asda and the shrug was also from Asda a while ago. The Bangle I got from Primark for £1!

Also this is my 99th post and I will be doing a Giveaway for my 100th with a brilliant prize from Pesky Chloe at Lifes Big Canvas! Look out for it next week.

I am off to Blackpool at the weekend but sadly will be wearing more winter worthy clothes as it will be freezing and raining no doubt. What are you doing this weekend?

Cardi - Asda 
Vest - Asda £3 size 22
Skirt - New Look Inspire £6 size 26
Shoes - New Look £6
Bangle - Primark £1
Necklace - Primark 
Brooch - Ebay

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  1. Omg I demand you give me that skirt now it's freaking amazing !!! You look fab I totally love this outfit xx

  2. Thank you Gorgeous Lady! You can borrow it any time and if I decide to swap it you will be first to know! ;) x

  3. I saw this in New Look and thought it would look great on, you just confirmed those thoughts! now to get some pennies together to get it!

  4. Triple Threat Horn-Rimmed Glasses!?!?! You have a new fan, my friend! Love the it all!

  5. Lovely bright outfit! All Hawaii-like, awesome! x x


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