Plus Sized Clothes Swap

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I was lucky enough to find out about this event and was really excited to be going to something that was for FAT people and knowing that there would be things there that would fit me! For FREE!!!!
I had looked out a bag of items to take and swap. Mostly things too small for me or I didnt like the fit on me. All in good condition or new. I got the rain from Sheffield to Leeds which cost £10 and little more than 40mins. Found the venue only 10mins walk from the station thanks to Google maps. I got there about 1.10pm and found there was already a good amount of people there and lots of clothes on tables and hung up. I was shown around and told where to put things and then got looking through everyhting for things I thought would fit and I wanted to try on. It has to be said I tried on about 5 armfulls of clothes! Which some might think as a total nightmare from going shopping and standing in fitting rooms but this wasnt stressfull and I was in no rush.

To the left of the picture you can see where two sewing machines were set up and alterations were done for people if they needed it. This was a great idea!

To the right and below is a table of FAT friendly books and zines which were provided to look through. I found this really interesting and had a quick look through. There were lots that I hadnt heard of and will be looking into now.

I found this picture in one of the magazines and loved its boldness so had to photograph it to share!

This is the cafe joined on to the rooms used for the Swap. I purchased a few cups of tea at 50p each and these amazing and yummy cupcakes were on offer for a donation

On the back wall behind my cup of tea you will see a poster for free books! A lovely lady had brought a load for people to take home and keep or pass them on.

This is my bag full to busting of all the lovely items I picked up at the Swap. You will be seeing them all in future Blog Posts but here a few sneaky pics

When I saw this belt I made a little squee noise! It is sooo Minnie Mouse which is sooo Me! I love it!
Thank you to the person who donated it and made me a very happy girl! Thanks also to everyone involved in making this event possible and such a FAT positive enviroment. I look forward to more events like this and hope this inspires people to do something like it in their area!

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  1. I made the squee noise when I saw the belt too! Lovely and don't blame you for a second in nabbing it!!

  2. what a fabulous day! And the sewing machine was a great idea!

  3. some great finds there lady. xXx

  4. Emily Jane Graves8:05 pm

    I brought the belt, glad it went to a good home! I discovered stretchy belts through reading fatshion blogs and they have totally stepped my outfits up a pace. x

    1. Thank you sooo much! I love it! :D I totally agree belts are something I never owned before reading Fatshion blogs! I cant do without them now x


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