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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

After two trips to Simply Be recently I thought I would share with you my finds and faves! 

The first three are from Meadowhall in Sheffield and as always the staff were super fiendly and helpful. More larger sizes in stock this trip too. 

The others are from the Edinburgh Fort store and I have to say I was not impressed by the staff. I was in the store for some time and not one member of staff made any effort to see if I needed help once. Even trying on these items  there was no member of staff on fitting rooms ro help. I left the store dissapointed in my experience. The changing room had one of the new interactive mirrors but was not set up to use and nobody to explain why. The store looked great and is in a great location. I have shopped in a few different Simply Be stores and this is not the normal from their staff. 

Loved this denim dress but size 26 was tight on bust but loose under bust. No 28 in store to try. 

Likes this on the website but not on me. This is a 26. Love the oriental print. Has stretch.

Joe Browns flower dress in 26 and I love, want and need it! Slight stretch to cotton like material.

Joe Browns again. Likes this. It is a stretch material and liked the shape of it. This is a size 26.

Liked this online but not on me. I seem to  not get on with V necks. This a 28 and has no stretch.

This is a small size 26 and no 28 in store to try on. Stretchy material. 

Super cute cropped jacket/bolero size 26. Didn't like the edge down the front. It is just turned over and not fixed down so pulls round as it it a stretch scuba material. 

Loved the colour of this quilted stretch jacket but looks like a house coat on me. This is a size 28.

This is my favourite from of all the jackets. It is light and a great print. This is a 28 and can't close it but would wear it open. 

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  1. Hi! New reader here. :) Love the last one! I also like the bolero one but I tend to hate it when the material on jackets flip or bulge in the front too. It happens so often to me.

  2. OMG, the third dress is awesome!!! Definetely a musthave!

  3. Thanks for this, it's really useful for people like me who can't get out to the shops to try things on. I'd love more of these posts. That house coat thingy was crazy!!!! Love the ones you love but also love the v necks. May have to get the orirntal one. Thanks again xxx

  4. Love the poppy one and the third one. Will be buying


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