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Monday, April 07, 2014

Ohh my goddd! Were the words that screamed in my head when I saw this dress on the Bonmarche website. I have been stalking the site since getting my two polka dot dresses from them. See the previous posts "Glamour Polka" HERE & "Bonnie Bon Bon" HERE. I love the fit, shape and fabric so have been on the look out for more prints from them and they did not disappoint!

With flowers, lace and leaf print this dress is BOLD and Beautiful! I tend to go for reds and blues rather than pinks and purples but this is so pretty and I had just bought this pair of Zenni Optical purple glasses so had to have something to wear them with.

The dress is lined and stretchy and comfortable. It is loose enough around my arms and does not hug my pits like some dresses. The length is great for me at 5'3'' and the neckline is lovely too. There is a ruched detail you can see in the close up pic that is nice.

If you have not had a look at the Bonmarche website then I urge you to now. It is not just for the more mature women. They are really trying to cater to the younger woman too. Like I said before, the quality is great and the price is good too.

Shoes - old New look

I love the purple/pink frame with milky inside and silver glitter corner inlays that catch the light!
Price is in dollars but is about a third less in pounds and postage is about £10. 
Delivery is about 3 weeks.

Please also check out Kathryn and Hanna wearing the same Bonmarche dress! 

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  1. SWITSWOOOOO! This dress is bloody fabulous on you lady! xxx

  2. You look fabulous I love that dress xx

  3. That dress is a DREAM isn't it. Can't wait to wear mine again!

    You look SMOKING in it my dear xx


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