Heart Of Glass(es)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No this is not a Valentines post but yes it is full of love for these awesome glasses.
I don't often go for pink but these specs were just so cute with the hologram stripes effect and blue glitter legs that I just could not resist.

I saw this AX Paris dress on Toni of The Left Of Perfect Blog HERE and thought it was super cute and easy to wear. It is a swing dress so fits all shapes and sizes and are great for those ladies with growing bumps with or without a baby in them.

The dress is a stretch fabric but found the tops of the arms a little snug and after washing and wearing once I found the fabric to bobble quite badly and the colour to fade. It is such a shame because it is a lovely dress! I strive to tell you the how it really is and when something is not great, I will tell you!

The shoes are from Simply Be and I blogged about them in my Birthday post HERE but I am only now getting to wear them as the weather is warming up at last. They are wide fit and super comfortable with platform heel.

Leggings - Primark size 20 £3

These glasses are vintage stock that have never been worn. I buy the frames and get my prescription lenses put in for about £15. I find it cheaper to buy glasses this way and just love the frames you can find which are always way more exciting than in your high street optician.

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  1. Looking good lovely lady! Love the glasses. x x


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