Simply Be Sale Top Picks!

Monday, December 30, 2013

I love this dress! It was part of the wedding dress designs but I think it can be used for any special occasion and is so simple and beautiful.

Being a shorty at 5'3'' maxi dresses have kind of passed me by but this one is beautiful.

A pretty button up dress with vintage feel to it can never be a bad thing!

This dress just screams vintage to me. Classy, classic but with a twist this dress doesn't need much in they way of accessories to impress! 

Houndstooth print and monochrome are a win/win in my book!

The piping and colour of this dress plus the shape are all ticking boxes for me.

Something a little less party and more office or day dress. Check has been massive this year and I am very happy about it being Scottish! Tartan! 

Looking forward to summer and this dress it just delicious with its lemon print! 

I love a Poppy print! This dress is sweet and pretty for day.

These are my top picks from Simply Be! Check out the website for more fabulous deals! 

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