Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hope Santa was good to you all and you are having a lovely day getting stuffed with all the yummy foods! I am at my hubbys parents house today so they can see Franklin on his First Christmas. I have been truly spoiled with gifts as I hope you all were. My outfit for today has been blogged about before HERE but I got it when I was pregnant an it was getting tight so have not been able to wear it much. Now it is a bit large at a size 26 but I love it so much I rock it anyway! The cardi is eyelash knit and sooooo fluffy and it just seemed like the perfect Christmas day outfit for me. The necklace was custom from

Franklin and hubby have made my Christmas special and I look forward to next year when Franklin will be able to play and have a fun filled Christmas. Sending my love to you and your families and wishing you all nothing but the best of everything for 2014!

Dress - Simply Be Bespoke dress size 26
Cardi - Primark size 18
Necklace - Custom by
Tights - Free from Sheffield Plus Size Clothes Swap
Shoes - New Look (now on sale £7)

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