Pumpkin Pie

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October = Halloween = Happy ME!!!!! I have my Halloween decorations out all year round. I love Halloween like some people love Christmas.
This outfit is for sure a winner this month. I ordered the tshirt new from ebay. Its a mens size xl and I will probably shorten the sleeves a bit. All other items are old except the tights that I got free brand new from the Sheffield Plus Size Clothes Swap last weekend.

I will be including a sitting picture in my blog posts. Fuck Flattering. Rad Fat. Riots Not Diets.

Thsirt - New from Ebay size xl mens £9
Skirt - New Look Inspire size 26
Belt - Simply Be
Tights - FREE from Shefflied Plus Size Clothes Swap
Boots - Pavers
Bag - Gift Luv De Ville

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  1. I freaking love this outfit so damn much!!!! You look gorgeous as always.I've never commented before,and this may sound really cheesy,but you really inspired me to dress however the fcuk I wanted for the body I have NOW.Thank you Lolly.xox

  2. Oh Lolly, you look fucking fantastic! I love Halloween so much and will be decorating my tree this week for it. I LOVE that t shirt hard. x


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