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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When I saw this dress is Asda I was mesmerised! It is kind of a magic eye print and reminded me of the art of E.M Escher. If you don't know his work I have added a few bits at the bottom of this post but you should google him! I remember being in early high school when I first saw one of his images in the maths department and was taken by his detail and complicated but also simple patterns. I looked him up in an art book at the library soon after and have loved his work ever since.

This dress is super figure hugging. It hides nothing and the print kind of emphasises every curve lump and bump which I find very empowering in my post pregnancy body that I am still getting used to. Monochrome is so lovely. This is a fun but and also sexy outfit yet I am almost completely covered up!

Dress - Asda George size 24 £14
Tights - FREE from Sheffield Plus Size Clothes Swap
Boots - Primark
Hair Band - New Look 
Fatshion Necklace - FREE Gift from Plus North - Scarlet & Jo 
Belt - Free with another dress
Ring - Primark

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  1. Wow that is interesting fabric, don't think I could wear it, my eyes are going dizzy just looking at it on here :)

  2. You look amazing, this print looks really cool and you look so glamorous xx

  3. You look amazing! That's a sexy dress and a half! x

  4. LOVE this dress on you! You have a great body shape. I just found your blog and clicked on this link from your best of post. Are you wearing any shapewear under this? I've worn a few body con dresses lately and just hate the way they make my belly look, but I've never worn shapewear and not sure I want to start now. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    1. Thanks! Nice to have a new reader! I dont wear shapewear mainly because it is too restrictive and i feel like a sausage. For this dress i just wore leggings i could pull up above my waist to give a smoother look. Since i have a double belly i will always have the indent outline of both belly parts when wearing anything fitted over the belly but i dont mind. Its just how my body is. X


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