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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So the snow has returned again and I figured I needed some Welly Boots. The last pair of wellies I had were when I was in primary school so about 10 years old and remember vividly going to John Lewis with my mum and trying to fit a pair of Royal Blue ones over my chubby calves. Sadly I had no luck but managed to squeeze my foot down far enough to know the boot fit my foot. My mum bought the boots and when we got home she took a pair of scissors to them and made them shorter so the didn't hunch up at my ankles.

Recently I have been seeing lots of blog posts of wide fit wellies and have tried on a few but still found them to bee too small for my massive calves. When I saw these cuter the cute ankle boot wellies in Sainsburys I had to try them. They fit! I even had to size down to a 5 and have worn them a few times in the snow and surprised at what good grip they have and how warm they actually are. The were not so cheap at £16 but I figured they would last me a good few years so they would be worth it.

While at Meadowhall with Lisa last week I spotted these in Primark. My obsession with all things Glasses and my Birthday on it's way made me pop these in my basket.

In the Pound shop I picked up another couple of Cake boxes to use for Sheffield Zine Fest  and some Cupcake Cases = £4. I will be selling cakes and drinks and some handmade cards and brooches.

The bargain of the day were these Silver Creepers from New Look for £3!!!! I thought it must be a mistake so asked at the till but was told they were actually £3 so of course they came home with me. My last pair of Creepers cost £24 and they split across the bottom of both soles after a month of wear but figured for £3 I could live with it.

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  1. Aaaaaggggg! The wellies are adorable! Do they come in any other colours? xx

    1. Sorry no :( just this colours. I would prefer them to be blue and red rather than pink but oh well they are still cute :) x

  2. Cant believe those creepers were three friggin quid! Damn my stupid big feet!


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