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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I have been meaning to do this outfit post for a while. This dress is one of the ones I wore in the Plus North Fashion Show by Simply Be. The dress I had chosen was out of stock in my size so they brought this for me instead. As a teen I was always wearing black as I was told is was slimming but as an adult I have filled my wardrobe with loud colours and prints. I have to say this is not a dress I would have chosen but I was surprised how nice it is on. It has a classic shape but the pvc pockets add a punch of modern to it.

It is quite thick so will be great for winter with funky leggings and boots.

I am sporting my new glasses which arrived from the glazers. The glasses are new but old stock and I got them from for about £90 which is a lot more than I usually spend on glasses but they were too cool to miss out on.

I got the leggings in Matalan and the biggest size they had was a size 20 in their normal range. I have bought leggings in 20s from other places and they always seem to fit so thought I would give them a try. The legs are a little snug but I can live with it. Check out the smaller sized ranges for leggings. They are usually cheaper than the plus sized range and there is more choice of print and colour.

These shoes are new too and I got them from a cheap shoe shop in Meadowhall called Shoe Zone for £13. I am so sick of the flat sole shoes with no support and rubbish thin sole that you feel every crack in the pavement through. These have a lovely thick sole with slight wedge. I did have to size up to a 7 but they are soooooo comfy.

Dress - Simply Be £gift size 26
Leggings - Matalan £8 size 20
Shoes - Shoe Zone £13 size 7
Belt - Evans old gift XL
Glasses - Vintage £90 

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  1. fab outfit, i love the dress. i tend to shy away from all black but i love the leggins you've paired it with. although i wear a lot of patterns i never thik of buying patterned leggins. might have to change that :0)

    1. I have a lot of pattern tops too and have seen so many cute pattern leggings recently I thought I would give them a try :)

  2. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this outfit! I want it! It would look great with these red platform sandals I have! ;) Great outfit Lolly!


    1. Black white and red it a great combo! :) x

  3. I wanted to let you know i've nominated you for a blog award.

    1. Thank you! Lovely meeting you at the swap!!! :)

  4. Adore those leggings. I'm really into monochrome and this is monochrome done with style. :)

    Your glasses are absolutely fab too. Love the shape, very cool.

    You commented on my blog recently, sorry I didn't reply I was messing with my comment settings and its deleted everything. :/ Your comments were very appreciated though.

    1. I love monochrome too! Not to worry :) Thanks for your comment :) xx


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