Monday, September 19, 2016

If you have not heard of the American Brand CowCow I don't know what you have been doing because most plus size bloggers have tried them and love them! The make simple cheap skater dresses and other styles with fun prints. It is the fun and funky prints that have us bloggers loving them so much.

I ordered these two dresses from Amazon UK at under £15 each and took about 2 weeks to arrive. The Pineapple one is a 3x and the Stripe is a 5x. I found the sizing to be not much different other than the arm holes being larger. Sadly they are already too large in the 3x and do not cover my bra straps. I would like to try ones with sleeves so see the fit.

At under £15 These dresses are easy throw on fun fashion. The material is a very stretchy almost swimsuit material. For a full range of prints check out the Amazon US site but you may be charged duty and shipping will probably be more. On the CowCow website you can actually add your own print and make dresses, leggings, swimsuits, skirts!

Haing a very large bust the print does stretch but I get that with any stretch print dress. I am not a fan of this material but I do love the selection of prints. I will probably buy so Halloween and Christmas prints in a 3x or 4x.

What I do love is that CowCow when realising plus size bloggers were loving their dresses extended their sizing from 3x to 5x! Suppy and demand! If only all Brand thought like this!

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  1. THey look fabulous on you Lolly. When I allow myself to buy any more new clothes, I will be getting a couple of CowCow dresses because the prints are so wonderful!


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