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Monday, March 24, 2014

I recently did a review of a very similar peplum polka dot dress also from Bonmarche HERE and it a photo was used on their Facebook page along with 3 other blogger to show how the same dress looks on different sizes/shapes of bodies. As usual there were a few negative comments but some of these were really horrible. I was shocked at how horrid some people can be especially since it is was from a place where most of the followers are over 40 and really should know better. It seems like the younger generation actually have a better understanding of acceptance than the older generations. I am actually quite glad about this as it shows progress and learning from the previous generations misunderstandings and or ideas.

This is of course no fault of Bonmarche who are trying to expand their appeal and involving younger bloggers in their online presence which I for one think is brilliant! What fat person does not want another place to be able to buy quality clothes that fit?!

One of the comments mentioned about looking in the mirror side on before posting pictures of lumps and bumps. This person obviously has no idea what bloggers do or are about. I more than most am aware of what my body looks like 360 degrees form various photo shoots I have done on my journey of self love/acceptance and body positivity.

 I bought this dress because I loved the quality and fit of the one I had reviewed and cannot pass up a polka dot dress! This one has a wrap around effect top which is lined so no bra showing through and lovely side detail which my blurry pic has not picked up. Sorry about that! Longer sleeves on this one and a great length for my 5'4'' frame. I just love this dress! it is stretchy and comfortable and thick enough for these not so warm days. If you have not seen the Bonmarche range then head over now for a look HERE.

I am fat and proud and love my lumps and bumps which include my boobs, belly and bum and everything else. I feel glam as hell in this and think I look pretty damn good! Love yourself and what anyone else has to say about you and your body has very little to no difference in how you feel. Much love to all the body positive people who read this blog and support out Rad Fat Community.

Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Charcoal Designs

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  1. You look adorable ! Loveee your dress ;)

  2. You are beautiful as always <3 I had to stop reading the comments on those photos because they just upset me so much. I understand that some women are not happy with their bodies but why they feel the need to project that onto other people is beyond my comprehension. It makes me sad. xx


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